Types Of Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring of Machines is crucial as it helps to discover information regarding the health of any machine. These early information can be used to detect warnings which can help shop floors to prevent unscheduled outages and also reduce repair and maintenance cost. It helps to optimize machine performance and reduce risks of accidental failures. There are various types of machine condition monitoring. Below are few of them:

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    Route Monitoring:

The shop floor technician measures and records the machine data periodically with a handheld device. Such data is then studied to determine whether advanced analysis is required or not.

  • Portable Machine Analysis:

PMA (Portable Machine Analysis) is a system where portable devices are used to monitor the health of machines. Typically, sensors are permanently attached to such machines and data acquisition devices are used to fetch and collect data.

  • Factory Assertion Test:

FAT (Factory Assertion Test) is used to assure that finished goods meet the predetermined design norms and record possible failure modes of the equipment.

  • Online Machine Monitoring:

OMM (Online Machine Monitoring) is the mechanism of monitoring and diagnosing machine equipments and tools as it is in running state. In such system, embedded devices and servers are used for data acquisition, analysis and maintenance scheduling.

  • Online Machine Protection:

OMP (Online Machine Protection) is the routine of continuously monitoring machine equipment as it runs. Embedded devices are used to acquire and analyze the huge amount of data that machines emit. Machines can be turned on/off by limit setting mechanism.

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