Top IoT Trends for 2017

Here’s list of some top notch areas where IoT will have powerful impact:

  1. Startup Innovations

It’s the peek time where technocrats have realized the potential of IoT and are also pushing their ideas into reality.  Though idea is only the first step, they will have to make the devices that are cost effective to garner success.

  1.  Big Data

To fully utilize the impact of IoT, Big Data needs to be used efficiently.  As information is an integral part of IoT, data continuously needs to be transferred between the devices. Smart cities, smart homes, smart cars or any other smart device produces enormous amount of data.  Data quality matters more than data quantity. It requires some methodology to fetch, process and analyze this data. Thus, to maximize the advantage of IoT, Big Data must be considered a fundamental part.

  1. Personalized Tech

The hype around smart phones and wearable is predicted to be at par while other personalized devices are being innovated. The scope is expected to go beyond health and wellness where smart phones will have an incorporated health sensor. This revolution is taking place even at smart homes and not only at hospitals and health centers.

  1. Connected Retails

Daily chores such as shopping, parking, etc will soon be transformed by IoT driven retails. It will offer customers exactly what they need, thus increasing user experience. This will also unveil new scopes for advertisements. This will surely have a revolutionary impact on how consumer behaves.

  1. Security

With comfort, comes challenges. Over the time, IoT has been facing security issues globally. It seems that 2017 will be a year where security will get stronger. Security constraints are growing stronger with strategies to fight cybercrime and loopholes.


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