Open Innovations & IoT Applications

Internet of Things (IoT) has inspired various powerful application concepts, yet only few of them have been put into implementation. This issue is because of huge scope of protocols and standards, scattered amidst the industry, which hinders the communication and thus delays the IoT development.

Earlier, IoT businesses worked individually, trying to serve their own purposes; even businesses within the same horizon, worked within their individual group with their own comfort level of protocols. Lack of collaborative platform created a gap between technological exchange.

This gap can be mended only by inclining towards open innovative platform. Growth can be flourished only when developers collaborate with other field experts and thus share and progress collectively. Experts from different fields like transportation, energy, petrochemical, management, hardware, etc will have to share their hands-on knowledge and experience with each other and emerge stronger together. This will give life to many buried ideas and give rise to IoT revolution.

Open innovation will also provide a pool of technology platforms, hardware and software components allowing experts to quickly assemble the resources needed for creative designs and functions. And the good news is that these resources are unified standard based and not industry specific which assures developers that their applications will never get out of scope or trend.

Earlier developers had to hard learn programming languages like C, Java, SQL. But now, cross platform and open-source tools like Node-RED allows developers to build applications with simple drag and drop visuals. Also exchanging knowledge has simplified drastically with the open-source code sharing tools like GitHub, IntelDeveloper Zone, etc. As such, cross-protocol techs replace the old solutions, it instigates new energy of innovations.

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