Modes of Condition Monitoring

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When supervisors and managers at shop floors perform condition monitoring personally, with the help of some equipments, it can be termed as Offline Condition Monitoring.

Since no advanced technologies are used, offline condition monitoring is really a tedious job for supervisors. Diagnosis and fetching data can take as long as 5 days and analyzing these data is altogether more difficult.  There is no prediction facility available in offline condition monitoring, unless managers use some algorithms themselves. Accuracy of data is also difficult to maintain as there is limited scope for sensor usability. And to acquire accurate data, high power, gigantic and costly computer systems are required.

Since this whole process is very expensive, every organization cannot afford it. Therefore, it is usually used only in some industries like nuclear power plant.

But then, with fast advancing technology and availability of advanced computing systems, the whole scenario is changing. Condition Monitoring can now be performed without the hazzles of personally checking every machine. It can be performed remotely which is termed as Online Condition Monitoring.

Online Condition Monitoring can complete diagnosis within 5 seconds (yes, you read that right!). Since, it is performed remotely, no supervisor is required. Currently, vast range of sensors are available in the market, which can be attached at multiple junctions of the machines to fetch accurate data.

With increase in programming skills, powerful algorithms can be implemented to not only fetch data from machinery, but also provide analysis, alerts and recommendations for maintenance scheduling. Online Condition Monitoring uses some awesome technologies and it is fast, easy and provides real time data analysis. And the best part is, it is cost effective. Thus, every industry and organization can now afford it, the can use it to reduce unnecessary downtimes, repairs and expenses; improve machine efficiency and thus flourish their business.

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