Layers of Industry 4.0

Layers in any industry depict the substance and core of everything that holds it. Let us have a quick look at what Industry 4.0 is integrated of:

Technology Integration

Technology Integration helps to facilitate physical-to-digital transformation. It connects certain hardware components, applications, supporting systems, etc to the equipments and plants in different locations to share data management and analytics.

Data Management

Industries store their data in different systems. Whether it is financial, sales, marketing, operations, production, manufacturing -all belong to a different system storage. The Industry 4.0 can be put to utmost use for combining these data for holistic view of the business. A component of the data management layer called ‘data lake’ is used to combine all such data from multiple sources on a cloud-based warehouse that can be useful for real time analysis and decision making.

Advanced Analysis

Industry 4.0 helps to collect, aggregate, store and process data. This associated data can prove to be game changing for companies to drive analysis and conclusions. Data regarding processes, supply chain, energy usage, etc can be fetched to draw meaningful insights. But all these useful only for the talented and experienced analyst.

Digital Interface

The digital interface is a critical layer. This is the step where all the results and conclusions derived from analysis of the collected data is delivered to the business user. Reports are conveyed in a useful and meaningful way so as the delegates can plan the future steps as well as understand the market and industry better.

Thus, we can see that Industry 4.0 is no longer a future in any industry as it is becoming a core part of the happenings and operations of organizations.

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