IoT In Healthcare

What if you didn’t have to watch white walls of the hospitals when you met with an accident? What if you didn’t have to inhale the ‘medicine smell’ of the hospital while you were sick? It is fascinating, I know. Yet, this is how technology and medical science is moving hand in hand.

IoT is rapidly developing in health sector. The new tech can monitor patients from their homes, reducing the urgency to rush to the clinic or hospital by sending the tracked data directly to the doctor. In next ten years, 50% of medical care is estimated to get virtual. From medical perspective, real time data would allow faster and rational decision making. While talking from technology perspective, more than any other sector, health care is forecasted to shed 40% of the global economic impact.

Devices available:

  • You can have your home connected with health monitoring device for extended care after discharge
  • You can get a wearable, wireless medical device for aged family members
  • You can have your home medical monitoring device integrated with cellular connectivity for real time records
  • You can use medical apps in your smart phone to keep in touch with the doctor
  • Your doctor would know beforehand when you are going to have a heart attack.

The good side:

  • Efficient care
  • Convenient access
  • Reduced re-admissions
  • Extended care while traveling
  • Improved communication between patient and doctor

As they say, prevention is better than cure. With IoT this saying will have its real existence.

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