Introduction to IoT

While IoT is gradually advancing and becoming an important part of tech world, there is also other class of people who have little to no knowledge of this streaming technology. Today, we will bridge that gap just as IoT does. Confused? Well, don’t be.

To make it simple, lets first split each word and dive into it:

Internet is all about WWW, a network that is globally used which is both build and used by human beings.
Thing, on other hand, is any object or substance which is dormant in nature.
Hence, Internet of Things (IoT) is a bridge between living (i.e internet) and non-living (i.e things)

Say, if we want to communicate with each other, we may use a network like facebook or twitter, where one of us sends friend request to the other and there on conversation begins, or make a phone call or even better- just meet in person to hit the conversation.

But, if a machine wants to communicate with other machine, it of course cannot talk as easily as we humans can do. And that is where medium like IoT comes into picture.

What is IoT?

“Machines built to run machines.”

Today, when the world has advanced drastically, revolving around data and cloud computing, IoT is an emerging technology which is the world of sensors or chips. IoT is a platform where a machine commands other machine to perform certain tasks ranging from simple to hybrid functions.

It is finding a route to connect numerous applications, devices and technologies in a single, coherent network. It is a vision where each thing that we see (or cannot see) with our naked eyes will be embedded with smart sensors to make our life easy, safe and even luxurious.

For example, a car would send an automatic text message to both hospital and family member with location when the driver meets with an accident. Reaching hospital, the patient wouldn’t have to wait to fill up a form, his personal details would be fetched from the chip attached to his car. This little improvisation would save a lot of hassle and a life.

Lets look at another example where a customer orders a product from an online portal, and say, a chip is attached to the packed product which would automatically track its location and regularly update the customer regarding its arrival. This would help both customer and vendor to maintain security constraints and cordial relations. All these wouldn’t have been possible without the powerful use of Internet of Things.

Hence, IoT helps to bring each machine to a basic, general platform where a common language is build for machines to communicate.

Bottom Line:

Every little thing has a story. IoT helps machine to describe its own story. It is a platform that brings components of various devices to common bridge of communication.

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