In-car telemetry solutions

What if your car knows your driving habits better than you? What if it is clever enough to track location and automatically sends an alert to your family and hospital when your car crashes?

All these is possible with the use of In-Car Telemetry which is a vehicle-based system that incorporates data logging, satellite positioning, and data communication to a back-office application. When FM is layered with vehicle telemetry, its fetched data can provide a range of solutions depending on the customers’ requirements. It can provide cost-efficient, fast and reliable on-road solutions.

But to use this, we need global access to cellular connectivity without incurring roaming charges as you can drive your car literally anywhere, in any city and country. It is important to know what the car can tell you. Since ages, it has been tracking fuel consumption and also notifying about the same. Telemeters can now remotely extract and display the data in a well-formatted manner with consistent connectivity at any location, from any system.

Benefits of the technology “In-car”:

  • Track the drivers driving habits.
  • Check the amount of fuel in your car so that it never run out of fuel again.
  • Being able to monitor all vitals of your car such as- tyre pressure, engine health, battery health, oil quality, Air filter remaining life automatically.
  • Send all the engine data to your preferred garage and let them diagnose the car remotely.
  • Call for help in distress.
  • Imagine your garage giving you a call for service because you have only 200kms left to get the free service.
  • Get a notification every time your kid over-speeds your precious car or goes out of the city.


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