IIoT and Cloud Computing


Cloud computing and Big Data are no more in the shell. Everyone has read about it at some or the place. These two elements or rather, technologies, are at the core level of Industrial IoT. The concept behind cloud computing is a computer processor placed at remote location runs a specific application or software rather than running it on each user’s computer. User can interact with the system via a network on the cloud. Most of the times this network is Internet.

Since the storage and processing capacity of the cloud is unlimited, it provides more economic, convenient and secure storage alternatives. The growing storage capacity can also be met as the cloud is expandable.

In connected IIoT, data is expected to flow to and from the connected devices. These streams of data usually get larger with time and that is when Big Data comes in existence. Integration of Big Data into Industrial IoT can help to generate, access and gather the huge amount of data.

For example, a specific CAM programming algorithm is more efficient at removing the most material with least amount of energy. In such cases, programmers can be notified regarding this option when cloud-based programming resources are enabled.


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