Condition Monitoring & IIoT

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has a dramatic impact on the industries just as social media has on any teenager of today, probably, even more. Teenagers do get tired and need some rest. But machines are expected to run continuously and perform optimally as long as we maintain them.

Over the years, maintenance has been reinvented. Whether it was reactive, predictive or time-based, every maintenance policy that you use conceives the mindset of your working managers. They sure are loyal to their companies and proud of the methods they use but are largely reluctant to change the same.

Imagine possessing a monitoring system that’s always on, generating automatic repair recommendations and is smart enough to auto-populate work order system. Such systems may also reduce unplanned maintenance and spending on capital equipment by 90%. All these is possible in today’s age by the means of sharing machine data and following the initial repair alerts that such gateways detect.

The idea of replacing process with automation, and experience with smart system may seem impractical to novice entrepreneurs but implementation and applications of IIoT are proving them all wrong. Information is extracted and consumed by every little thing around you.

You may not implement such systems now, but someone else is already using it or will be using soon. They are looking for ways to improve machine efficiency, exploit vulnerabilities and receive what they expect from the machines. Efficiency application of technology and Internet plays a very vital role in such strategies. And the first ones to implement these, wins by huge margin as there are no second chances in the industry. The second prize winners are kind of fishermen who drive where the fish were day before yesterday.

With Internet available everywhere and data moving to and forth every second, how can you afford to not use such amazing condition monitoring systems that provides valuable insights, at by itself!

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